Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Hokulani Lash - Miss Classy

This image shows a girl wearing Hokulani Lashes in Miss Classy.

Go big or go home was my mantra whenever it came to false lashes. Back then, I was wearing lashes that looked double stacked, slightly too long, or they just don't fit my eye shape at all. All of those disastrous mistakes I made, I wore it on a daily basis. Horror. Now that I've tamed my tastes slightly, I prefer natural looking lashes that screams fluttery, over dramatic lashes. Don't get me wrong, I still adore voluminous lashes but it has to be done right. And by right, I mean the Kim Kardashian kinda right.

So if I don't wear falsies on a daily basis, when do I actually reach out for it? Well, when I'm running out of mascara or my face looks flat as a pancake no matter how much contouring and highlighting has been done, I tend to reach out for lashes. They provide a slight ommpf to any makeup look. Effortless and easy to remove, what's not to love? Here's when Hokulani Lash in Miss Classy comes in...

Friday, 16 January 2015

My Love/Hate Relationship With Coloured Contacts.

This image shows an asian girl's eyes with coloured contacts.

How many of you are daily coloured contact lens user and swears by it? I know I do. I've tried different hues of browns, greens, and even greys LOL. Some complement my skin, while others....not so much. I've always wondered, which suits me the best? As a neutral kinda gal, and given my tanned skin, brown is an obvious choice. I've been wearing lenses since I was 16 years old. The first time I ever tried to attempt wearing it? I was 12. And it was this awful, yucky grey shade which was 5 times brighter then my own skin and god forbid, I didn't even make it out of the house haha. Well in my case, the classroom. I was in school for some class party and we were allowed to wear our own clothes besides our usual uniform. Goodness, it's hilarious to think back how I was trying to impress people with my "style" so much.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Lacquering up with Lavender Lies - Maybelline Color Show

This image shows freshly manicured nails, painted in Lavender Lies from Maybelline Color Show

Maybe it's just me, but I love to type on the keyboard when I have freshly painted a new colour on my nails. Weirdly enough, it gives me more motivation to write...anything LOL - replying emails or beauty articles, because every key I press is, I see glimpses of my mani. Is that odd? Did whatever I typed made any sense? Haha. Morning coffee has made me delirious although I'm not a coffee person, unless it's peppermint mocha of course. What makes sense as of now, is that lacquering up with Lavender Lies - Maybelline Color Show was definitely the right decision.

Thursday, 8 January 2015


This image shows how the nyx butter gloss in tiramisu looks like when applied on the lips.

These past few days have been great - I've been working out, eating somewhat "better" than usual (sticking to my cliche NYE resolutions, maybe?), scouring for more work/projects to do, organising my work space, and spending time with my family. Sounds fun until that time of the month came 2 days ago and fucked up my hormones. TMI, I know. Nevertheless, with the weekends drawing nearer, I've snuck in NYX Butter Gloss in Tiramisu to my daily makeup routine. I know, what has gotten into me? A matte lipstick user swapped for the butter gloss, this must the work of pms hormones, right? Hah! Okay, that was my lame attempt at making a joke. Anyhooo.....

Tuesday, 6 January 2015


This image shows the maybelline hyper glossy liquid liners in black 01.
This image shows how to apply maybelline hyper glossy liquid liner in black 01

When in doubt, reach for the liquid...at least in my case. It is by far the easiest to cheat on the perfect winged liner look. The more liquidy the formula, the better. I used to think twist up pens were easy. You can only imagine the feeling when I discovered the liquid liner. My first was from Sephora. Meet my holy grail liquid liner - Maybelline Hyperglossy in Black 01. If you see me rocking the winged liner, it's this bad boy right here.

Sunday, 4 January 2015


This image shows manicured nails in the shade called My Vampire Is Buff by OPI.

I feel like I haven't done the Mani Monday series in ages. Maybe it's because I tend to reach out for the same nail polish every single time. Boring but true. So I've decided to x all the reds and venture into something new. And OPI - My Vampire Is Buff seems to be the perfect fit. OKAY, maybe it isn't all that different but trust me, this white isn't like all the other white nail polishes which I own (speaking like a true blue hoarder).

It has a yellow undertone to it, and for someone like me who has a warm skin tone, it looks amazing. Really, it does.  Makes my skin look tanner, which is always a plus. I can see myself reaching for this shade when I'm in a nail polish rut. Sophisticated for everyday wear because it's simplicity at its best. This white nail varnish has a tinge of peach and yellow, which looks great for any occasion. It took me 3 coats for it to be fully opaque. Nonetheless, the consistency is creamy but the formula isn't as easy to work with. Streaky on the first coat, but it all came through after the third. Still, I see myself reaching out for this bad boy often.

What do you think of OPI - My Vampire Is Buff review? Have you tried it yet?

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