Tuesday, 19 May 2015

It's a review...it's a haul...it's a mini haul!

This image shows a mini Beauty Haul by Curls and Mints, a Singapore based beauty blog.

Lately, I've had no time to purchase beauty products due to my busy schedule (peace out, Singapore Fashion Week!). If you don't already know, I'm part of the social media team for Singapore Fashion Week (more on that on my upcoming post), but all hail online shopping because when I stumbled across Bella Quirks (no, this is not sponsored post lol), it was god sent! It took 2 days for my parcel to arrive so you can imagine the joy I felt seeing it on my bed after a long day at work!

Sunday, 3 May 2015


This image shows April 2015 beauty favourite by Curls & Mints, Singapore Beauty Blog.

April has been filled with whirlwind experiences in all aspects of my life except for the beauty department, sadly, or ironically if you must, since I write about all things beauty. BUT(yes, that's a trying to make excuses/give me the benefit of the doubt kinda but) there are a few gems which have worked for me, my skin, lips, my face....my damn round face.

Monday, 20 April 2015


This image shows a full review on Catrice long lasting lip pencils
This image shows a full swatch and review of Catrice long lasting lip pencils.

FUN FACT: I found drugstore lip pencils that won't budge after your first cuppa. Or meal, to be exact. Gone are the days where we have to touch up our pouts every damn time. Sounds crazy? Well, before you jump off your seats and start purchasing these bad boys, do remember that 99% of my first phrase is true so there is no guarantee, heh. Why don't you scroll down this post and read on further...shall we?

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Healthy Mix, Healthy Skin. Yes Bourjois, I'm Talking About Chu!

This image shows a review of Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation in N56 Light Bronze.
This image shows a Bourjois healthy mix full review on N56 Light Bronze.

THIS JUST IN - I've been staying off foundation for a good 2 weeks now. I know, have I gone bonkers? I woke up one morning and thought, you know what? I might just stick to concealer and powder for today! Who knew lessening my makeup time by a few seconds would make a huge difference? After I nabbed the Makeup Forever HD foundation, it's barely left my face until I decided to purchase Bourjois Healthy Mix in N56 Light Bronze. I mentioned this goodie in a monthly favourites post, and trust me when I say this stuff is good. Right, didn't I just mention I've laid off foundation for a week?

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Lip Concoction feat Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick In NUDE

This image shows lip products.

"What's on your lips?" I tend to cringe whenever a question like that pops up because hunty, there are probably more than 2 products going on my pout. Let me give you a little run down - 1 lip liner, 2 lipsticks from the same colour group but one's lighter while the other is darker, and oh, another layer of lipstick to add a slight more oomph to the lips. If I'm feeling slightly adventurous, I'll throw in a gloss. Whoops, am I the only one?

Monday, 6 April 2015

Daytime Neutrals, Anyone?

This image shows makeup products for a neutral, brown smokey eye look.

When it comes to an everyday makeup look, I tend to throw in a black winged liner, paired with blended warm toned eyeshadow to the crease and massive amounts of mascara to create length and volume. However, I tend to steer away from browns most of the time. Why? Considering the fact that most warm tones can be found in browns, I tend to gravitate towards oranges and blacks. Well for today, I thought I would create an eye look with 3 products. Note: I chose a brown mascara, shocker.  
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